Team Members & Partners

Current Committee

Erin Kunert

Co-founder & Chair,
Study Abroad Day

Ali Swenson

Vice Chair,
Study Abroad Day

Carlo Fabros

Committee Member,
Student Universe

Chelsea Balderson

Committee Member,

Via TRM – Traveler Relationship Management Software – Study Abroad Day Website Sponsor

Special thanks to:
  • Jessica Mulvihill (Co-founder), formerly of Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Lindsey Calvert & Ashley Stipek, IIE
  • Caroline Donovan White, NAFSA
  • Lisa Chieffo, University of Delaware
Others who have supported the mission: 
  • Phaze Roeder, formerly Via TRM
  • Jacklyn Fisher, Study Abroad, Towson University
  • Emily Dougherty, University of North Dakota
  • Katie Kirkland, Northwood University 
  • Amy Ruhter McMillan, IES Abroad 
  • Daisy Biddle Gould, STA Travel
  • Christina Sanchez, California Lutheran University
  • Annelise Andrade, California Lutheran University
  • Jane Thiele, Global Education Oregon, University of Oregon
  • Amy Greenwald Foley, University of Delaware
  • Malin Hilmersson, Sam Houston State University
  • Jordan McAdory, University of Michigan
  • Madison McShane, Florida Atlantic University
  • Kate Mattingly Learch, University of North Florida
  • Carolina Fuentes, Trinity University
  • Best West, University of New Hampshire
  • Lulu Peach, NAU Graduate Forestry
  • Abby Baric, IES Abroad
  • Bence Bays, Wofford College