Study Abroad Day

Celebrate Study Abroad Day!

Let’s celebrate! Our goal is to bring awareness to Study Abroad and its lasting impacts to campuses and the global community, especially providing support to the efforts of Education Abroad professionals.

Since there is a “national just about everything day”, we thought there should be a day specifically honoring Study Abroad! This is a complementary way to build off of the impactful International Education Week (IEW) events in November and by focusing specifically on celebrating and connecting on our campuses and through our organizations for all things Study Abroad in February. Learn more about the mission & goals and who’s behind this exciting campaign.

Getting Started:

  1. Generate ideas. Whether you have a little bit of time or a lot, you’ll find ideas you can adopt and adapt for your campus or organization on the Celebrate tab. Have a great idea that isn’t up there?? We love sharing! Consider using the form to share any ideas you have to contribute, as well!
  2. Use/share materials. Additionally, you’ll find some ready-made materials you can use, as well as social media information on the Tool-Kit tab as well.
  3. Get involved. If you’d like to join the organizing group or have feedback, please contact us.

We look forward to celebrating the global impact of Study Abroad with you!

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