Celebration Ideas for Campuses & Organizations

How your campus or organization can celebrate Study Abroad Day

Whether you’re looking to generate Study Abroad Day buzz, increase International Education sign-ups, or just have a way to celebrate your campus or organization’s work throughout the year; here are some ways to get involved:

  • Share your personal, and your students’ experiences on Instagram, TikTok, or your favorite social media platform using the hashtag #studyabroadday
  • Follow @studyabroadday on Instagram to join the conversation
  • Coordinate returnees, faculty and others to wear the same attire/t-shirt/etc
  • Ask the campus newspaper to do exclusive coverage or a significant portion of that day’s/week’s edition dedicated to Education Abroad
  • Similarly, ask the campus TV station, radio station to get involved
  • Social media “take-overs” done by those who are currently abroad (share access with overseas student(s) for the day)
  • Set up a photo contest through social media – e.g. facilitate voting through Facebook
  • Share alumni and returnee stories through social media, or invite them to share themselves with an inviting post, be sure to use #StudyAbroadDay
  • Encourage and ask student organizations, other departments like language departments to get involved and join you in celebrating, or to celebrate in their own way
  • Make or purchase buttons to hand out
  • Share exchange student experiences on your institution/organization’s social media accounts
  • Create a specific social media handle or # at your institution/organization
  • Ask faculty to share about their study abroad experience; like this one from Courtney Smith, director of global and international engagement at Transylvania University, in collaboration with Via TRM: Grandma Inspires Passion for Global Travel
  • Partner with dining providers for an international-themed food day; have campus coffee shops list a special international coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or other international drink for the day
  • Create and share a Study Abroad Fast-Facts or at-a-glance sheet
  • Create infographics about your institution’s/organization’s participation
  • Listen to an episode of “STAMPED-The Study Abroad Podcast” – you could also consider hosting a discussion about the episode with students, and/or friends/colleagues related to diversity abroad
  • Create a Zoom background using Study Abroad Day branding and/or photos from your students & programs – or if you prefer, we have some pre-made you can use in the toolkit!. Share with staff and study abroad alumni to use on the day!
  • Have returnee students write “words of wisdom” for the next group to go abroad. Post the comments publicly
  • Visit the Intercultural Learning Hub (HubICL) for intercultural learning resources. Those who have not previously used it will be prompted to create a free account to gain access to the materials with the “study abroad” tag
Event / Coordinated Ideas
  • Have a Study Abroad Fair
  • Put on a Study Abroad Show & Tell Event
  • Host a party on campus (speakers, music, etc.)
  • Host a joint Career Development & Study Abroad Event – we all know the overlap and benefits!
  • Host a campus parade, or 5k run/walk to raise awareness or  scholarship funds
  • Have a photo-booth with your study abroad logo or study abroad day in the background
  • Put up a table in a high-traffic area for pop-up advising
  • Conduct classroom or virtual classroom visits and presentations
  • Have postcards you can write, or the campus community could join in writing to send to students currently abroad
  • Host an event or news post to highlight faculty and staff who have studied abroad
  • Work with the library to highlight an international themed display
  • Work with the dining hall to serve a special “international” meal, dish, drink, etc
  • Host a Study Abroad poster making event & share results on social media
  • Host a coffee hour – a “travel chats” event… “talk all things travel”
  • Host a storytelling night with stories from Study Abroad: Reach out specifically to study abroad students, faculty and staff who have studied abroad or led programs abroad
  • Host an alumni Q&A for prospective study abroad students
Other Fun Ideas
  • Host a Game Show like Jeopardy or Family Feud in the Student Center/Residence Hall/etc
  • Study Abroad Amazing Race
  • Host a lecture series evening about International opportunities
  • Ask your university president or leadership of the organization to create a video for the website/social media
  • Work with foundations or donors to start a scholarship fund
  • Create a social media filter that shows students in popular international settings and encourages students to participate
  • Highlight a faculty member(s) in each department that are open to discussing Study Abroad with students
  • Host a joint session with Financial Aid to discuss Financial Literacy and Study Abroad: Paying and applying for scholarships
  • Host a flag hunt, during which students uncover clues and post photos of themselves with each flag on social media. Prizes for winners optional
  • Host a movie night where returnees can choose a movie they feel accurately represents the culture where they studied abroad and show it to prospective students looking to go to that place. Provide snacks and drinks and afterwards students can ask the returnee questions about their experience
  • Provide an “I studied abroad, ask me about my experience” office sign to staff and faculty who have studied abroad for display in their offices

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