Celebration Ideas for the Global IE Community

How our International Education Community can celebrate Study Abroad Day

Are you a Study Abroad alumni, have a passion for International Education, or want to help the next generation of travelers explore?Here are some things you can do to celebrate study abroad day:

  • Share alumni and returnee stories through social media, or invite them to share themselves with an inviting post, be sure to use #StudyAbroadDay
  • Follow @studyabroadday on Instagram to join the conversation
  • Coordinate your local community to wear matching study abroad day attire
  • Ask your local TV station, radio station to get involved
  • Ask your alma mater faculty members to hold an event at your organization (show & tell event, study abroad fair, party on campus, 5k run / walk, etc)
  • Make buttons to wear and handout with your global community friends
  • Listen to an episode of “STAMPED-The Study Abroad Podcast” – you could also consider hosting a discussion about the episode with cohorts, and/or friends/colleagues related to diversity abroad
  • Create a Zoom background using Study Abroad Day branding and/or photos from your study abroad experience – or if you prefer, we have some pre-made you can use in the toolkit!
  • Ask your alma mater university president or leadership of the organization to create a video for the website/social media
  • Partner with dining providers for an international-themed food day; have campus coffee shops list a special international coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or other international drink for the day
  • Work with your alma mater to host a campus parade, or 5k run/walk to raise awareness or  scholarship funds
  • Work with foundations or donors to start a scholarship fund
  • Look up events hosted at colleges or organizations near you and get involved
  • Ask your alma mater or local organizations what they’re doing and how you can help!

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