Global Engagement Mission & Goals

Study Abroad Travelers

Our Mission & Goals

Study Abroad Day is a specific celebration to highlight and bring awareness to the benefits and impact of Study Abroad. It is intended to capitalize on and build on International Education Week (IEW) in November.

The annual Study Abroad Day will take place the last Monday in February every year thereafter. It is up to each campus/organization or individual to decide how they choose to celebrate. Upcoming years’ dates are:

  • February 24, 2025
  • February 23, 2026
  • February 22, 2027
  • February 28, 2028

As Education Abroad professionals, we know how important it is that students go out into the world and engage with other places, peoples and cultures. While many of us may have our own way of showing what our returnees have learned and gained, this specific celebration will allow us to show the impact on a larger, grander- scale, and at a time when we know it’s more important than ever to do so. While we celebrate Study Abroad everyday, having a one, unified day to blast out our message from coast to coast, is kinda a fun idea. Let’s make it happen!

Read our founder’s blog to learn about our why: About the Founding of Study Abroad Day