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Since 2020, the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) has celebrated Study Abroad Day as part of their mission to support and inspire students to transform their lives, the University of California, and the world.  UCEAP is the official study abroad provider for the University of California and their systemwide office collaborates with each of the UC campus study abroad offices. 

Clair Hoch-Frohman, who serves as Social Media Coordinator on the UCEAP Marketing and Communications team, studied abroad participated in the UCEAP London’s Calling during her senior year at UC Los Angeles. 

“I decided to study abroad in London for the melting pot of cultures and vibrant art scene,” she said. “I got to experience firsthand how studying and living abroad can change your outlook on life and the world. With a degree that focused on community-based arts activism and visual cultures, I believe that design, photography, and storytelling can represent and celebrate global voices and perspectives. I wanted to use my study abroad experience and digital marketing expertise to inspire future students to find their ideal program and highlight their study abroad accomplishments.”

One of her favorite parts of her job is working with students, especially empowering students to share their stories on social media and as contributors to The Californian Abroad blog hosted by UCEAP.

“During the pandemic, UCEAP got a chance to re-evaluate our program offerings and introduce new initiatives such as virtual events, online advising, and alumni talks,” she said. Her team shifted their marketing strategy to focus on sharing the value of study abroad by highlighting alumni stories. They also adapted their printed Viewbook as an online resource in just three months — and made it more interactive and informative for students in the digital space. The new online Viewbook also includes a variety of features like matching programs to personalities, student testimonials, blog posts, and a study abroad planner.

Since 2020, they have been inviting their community to share their study abroad stories on social media. This year, they hosted two prospective student focused UCEAP 101 webinars as a showcase of the 160 UCEAP programs in over 40 countries. UCEAP staff were able to discuss the benefits of participating, and shared important topics and resources to help students plan their courses. Check out the UCEAP Study Abroad Day landing page highlighting the events.

“Study Abroad Day allowed our organization to celebrate the value of study abroad and the transformative experience it’s had on past students,” said Claire. “We hope our efforts continue to inspire new cohorts to take advantage of UCEAP as a pathway to empower their goals, their UC experience, and to be changemakers in this ever-evolving new world.”

Happy Study Abroad Day Claire, and UCEAP!

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